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Educational Product

You can use a check code management system to prevent customers from illegally copying your educational products so that customers know your original products.

Software Product

If you are a software vendor, you can have your product code checked by the customer management system so customers can find your original products on the market.

Movie Product

Producers of film and serials can market their products with a verification code and original using a check code management system to prevent illegal copying.

User Guide

Where do I use the check code System system?

You can use the check code management system to suit your creativity wherever needed. Here are some examples of how to use this system for your guidance

Protection Protecting cosmetics

Make Up Products
Health Products

Manufacturers of cosmetics can check their products to make it easier for customers to buy genuine products. This will reduce the chances of your products being copied and selling fake products

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Creating Virtual Products

Gift Card
Account Cart

With the check code management system, you can easily create virtual products and sell your account or gift code using a scratch card. Products like VPN, Google Play Card, Discount Code and .....

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Pharmaceuticals and supplements

Pharma Product
Supplement Product

Companies producing pharmaceuticals and sports supplements can use product verification code to verify product authenticity to prevent the sale of counterfeit products on the market.

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Where to buy for sure?

You can buy our product from the Envato website and enjoy the license after purchase through support. All the necessary training and installation requirements are explained in the purchased package

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